Insisting on High-Quality Customer Service

Customer service is vital to every industry - and poor support can destroy a business. Find out more about Office Image's High Quality Customer Service.

High-Quality Customer Service Half of all American households had a bad customer service experience in 2015. Approximately 56% of those people also reported a complaint and received nothing in return for their poor experiences. This shows that poor customer service has almost become an epidemic. Customer Service and Your Bottom Line As a business owner, … Continued

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Ergonomics: Avoiding Office Injury

Read our guide for avoiding office injuries with ergonomic improvements. Contact Office Images today to get started with your office.

Avoiding Office Injuries While office work may not seem very dangerous, many work-related injuries happen in office spaces. Musculoskeletal injuries, eye injuries, and even hearing damage are all potential hazards. This is dangerous for the worker’s health, but it can also cost companies thousands of dollars in workers’ compensation claims. Thus, taking a little time … Continued

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