The Transformation of Traditional Office Layouts

Is your office ready for the modern world? Check if your office space could use Traditional Office Layouts from Office Images today!Traditional Office Layouts

Today’s office trends are a huge departure from what was acceptable in the past. Technology has untethered us from our desks, cubicles are out, and virtual conferences are no longer restricted to the realm of science fiction. Office Images has a team of office design experts here to customize your office to your needs. Contact us for an appointment today.

Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration has become the new work model. Instead of cubicles, many companies are opting for long desks where it’s easy to ask questions and brainstorm with neighboring coworkers. Major companies like Google do this because they believe these initiatives lead to innovation and better outputs, and friendlier working environments encourage collaboration.

However, companies also recognize the need for privacy. Therefore, many have opted to set up private small enclaves where employees can go to focus on their work without distractions. Often, more than one employee takes turns using it. These areas might have a few pieces of lounge furniture, a laptop, and a phone connection.

Technology Untethers Us

In many industries, employees are actually on the go more than they are at the office. Hence, some companies have opted for “touchdown spaces”. These are smaller workspaces with internet and/or phone connectivity and offer enough space for the employee to check emails and voicemails before going to his or her next destination.

Another variety of the touchdown space is what they call “hoteling.” This is where employees reserve a workspace in the office on an as-needed basis. There are individual lockers to protect property at the office, but the desk itself is reserved when needed. “Moteling” is another option that’s a bare-bones version of hoteling.

One Size Does Not Fit All

Corporations are getting creative in their office design. One company may rely on “hoteling” policies while another does regular virtual conferencing. Emerging technology has allowed for countless innovations in the workplace, enabling employees to do their work in creative ways.

Office Images is the leader in office design and can help you create a space with just the right balance of open collaboration and privacy. Contact us for a consultation appointment.