Avoiding the Risks of Drop-Ship Delivery

Don’t get duped by cheap delivery options. Learn about the hidden costs and other Drop-Ship Delivery Risks.Drop-Ship Delivery Risks

It’s always best to get a job done right the first time. When it comes to receiving, assembling, and installing commercial furniture, the drop-ship option may appear to be more affordable. Unfortunately, the hidden problems of this solution can wind up creating more costs and stress than savings, making it a risky choice.

The Hidden Costs

While drop-ship delivery may appear straightforward, time-consuming issues can arise from the beginning and persist throughout the process. Some of the less obvious problems are:

  • Receiving and delivery complications
  • Employee injuries
  • Broken items due to incorrect assembly or poor installation

Problems Start Right Away

Even as items arrive, businesses may face a barrier to even unloading them. Long-distance trucks deliver many drop-shipped items. Truck drivers are often not allowed to unload items and deliver them into the businesses facility. Businesses must use their own labor, increasing the likelihood of an employee injury.

This is an even greater risk if employees aren’t specially trained in moving heavy objects, such as furniture. Another immediate problem is that items ordered from different manufacturers won’t be delivered together, leading to more time invested in receiving and moving deliveries.

Proper Assembly Takes Time and Knowledge

Proper assembly and installation is crucial to ensuring furniture isn’t damaged. As a specialized product, assembly and installation can be complicated. Few businesses have an individual on staff with the qualifications to make sure everything is put together and installed correctly.

Poor assembly and installation can lead to items being broken before they’re even used, which causes significant cost drains for the business. Consult with the experts at Office Images to learn more about the importance of proper assembly and installation.

Saving Time Saves Money

The risks and time-drain of drop-ship delivery quickly erode the supposed savings. Instead of worrying about the dangers, businesses benefit from electing professional delivery and installation. Allowing experts to deliver, assemble, and install furniture leads to greater peace of mind for business owners, and it ensures items won’t be damaged. Professional delivery and installation saves money.

At Office Images, we can help you save the time, stress, and cost caused by drop-ship delivery problems. Contact us to learn more.