4 Benefits of Height Adjustable Workstations

Height adjustable workstations can improve employees’ health. Ask how Office Images can help with how your overall office organization.Height Adjustable Workstations

Sitting for long periods of time can be detrimental to a person’s health, yet many Americans sit at computers for hours on end to make a living. Now there’s a new option for the workplace: height-adjustable, standing workstations. These new height adjustable workstations have many benefits that are making them a popular alternative to a desk and chair.

Weight Loss

Weight loss and management is a top priority for many Americans. One study suggests standing desks may help. Standing allows for movement that sitting doesn’t. Thus, standing workstations can help manage body weight, promote weight loss, and may reduce employees’ risks of developing obesity.

Every company should be concerned with their employee’s health, and standing workstations provide a fantastic way for companies to bolster to their employees’ wellbeing. If you’d like more information about standing workstations, contact us today.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Cancer is a serious concern for Americans today. Studies have shown extended periods of sitting can increase the risk of many types of cancer. For example, breast cancer and colon cancer may be related to lack of physical activity. With height adjustable standing workstations, your employees can stand and move while they work, which could help lower their risk of some cancers.

Reduced Risk of Heart Disease

Sitting for long periods can wreak havoc on a person’s cardiovascular system. Some experts have suggested that prolonged sitting can increase a person’s risk of a heart attack. Standing workstations can lower the risk of heart disease in employees simply by allowing them to stand to work instead of sitting all day, improving their circulation.

Improved Metabolic Processes

Diabetes is a disease that affects many Americans. There’s a proven link between sitting for long periods of time and developing diabetes or other metabolic problems. Standing desks fix this issue and can help keep employees from developing these conditions.

These are all good reasons to consider adding height adjustable workstations to your offices. If you’re interested in incorporating standing workstations at your company, contact Office Images today for more information.