Ergonomics: Simple and Easy Adjustments Make all the Difference

Small adjustments to the office furniture ergonomics in your workplace make huge differences. Contact Office Images today to get started.Office Furniture Ergonomics


As a business owner, you’re constantly watching your bottom line. When you hear the word “ergonomics,” you may automatically think of new and expensive furniture. However, office furniture ergonomics just means that the workplace fits the employees working there.

You want to minimize employee strain and stress. This has multiple benefits, including reduced workers’ compensation costs, improved productivity, higher work quality, and more robust employee involvement. Office Images is here to help your company improve your office space, so contact us for a consultation.

This is why leading companies are proactive about their ergonomics. They aren’t being reactive and only taking this into consideration after an employee is hurt. They’re taking a proactive stance about it now.

However, ergonomics doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can do small things to ensure your employees aren’t straining their bodies and encourage healthful working practices. Some examples include:

  • Ensure arms are supported at all times to prevent neck/shoulder strain.
  • Discourage slouching.
  • Monitors should be placed directly in front of their users. Keyboards should be placed in front of the monitor so workers don’t have to frequently turn their heads and necks.
  • Avoid eye strain by putting a good distance between the eyes and monitor. An arm’s length is typically sufficient for average computer monitors.
  • Tilt the monitor screen at a 10-20 degree angle to keep focal length the same, as they would scan the screen from top to bottom. Users with bifocals should tilt their screens with a 30-40 degree angle.
  • Feet shouldn’t dangle when seated. If needed, a footrest underneath the desk is a suitable option.
  • Wrists should be flat, so you may have to tilt the keyboard a little. A wrist rest could also be used.
  • Periodic standing and stretching is definitely recommended.
  • One of the best solutions is to arrange the workstation so you can stand periodically while computing.

These simple steps are either free or inexpensive, but the benefits are simply remarkable. A more productive workforce is better for your bottom line. Contact Office Images as soon as possible. An office expert can help make your workforce the best it can be.