Knowing a Vendors Reputation Before Doing Business With Them

Know your vendors reputation. Here’s a quick guide to vetting your business partners before making commitments. Contact Office Images today to get started.Vendors Reputation


When doing business with a vendor, you want to know it’s trustworthy and that the vendors reputation is in fact reputable. These services should mean what they say and deliver on their promises. This has been true for generations and is true now when your money is on the line for an office design project.

Contact us for a free consultation. Before any money is paid out, you’ll want to ensure your vendor is trustworthy. There are a few ways to be certain your office furniture (or other solution) will deliver:

  • Online review research. It’s easier than ever to research a company. You can Google any company, and its address, phone number, website, and a number of reviews will pop up. Online review sites such as Google, Yelp, Manta, Kudzu, and Angie’s List are a good start if you want to look at a company’s reputation. However, you must be careful; some companies artificially inflate their online ratings through fake profiles.
  • Reputation research. You can also find pertinent information online, such as the longevity of the business, licensing information, examples of work, and where they work. A good resource for some of this information is the company’s social media pages (such as Facebook). When looking at Facebook, remember that companies can create false information on their profiles.
  • References. No matter the industry, a decent contractor will have a long list of references available. The contractor should have either a list or a portfolio you can browse through to review past work.
  • Contracts. The contract you sign with a vendor is legally binding, so check it carefully. Materials should be itemized clearly and elaborately. The scope of work must be clearly defined. Also, clarify whether the price given is an estimate or a fixed price.

These steps, along with basic word-of-mouth references, will help ensure the vendor you’re doing business with is trustworthy.

When looking for an office furniture/design solution, you can rest assured with Office Images. We’ve been in business since 1969 and have an extensive portfolio you can browse to view our previous work. Contact us for a free consultation so we can prove our trustworthiness to you personally.