Storage Solutions in the Workplace

Don’t have enough space for your storage needs? Office Images can create the workplace storage solutions you need through innovative design techniques.Workplace Storage

Workplace storage solutions can be a major headache. It seems as though there is never enough storage space. Don’t worry, Office Images is here to help you solve all of your storage problems. We have all the storage solutions from space optimization to storage utilization. By using a variety of shelves, cabinets, lockers, and accessories we can provide the absolute best storage solutions for your workplace.

Maryland Forensics

A great example of a space with exceptional storage solutions is Maryland Forensics in Baltimore, Maryland. Office Images designed a 120,000 square foot facility with file storage, wet specimen storage, and box storage. Lots of the storage space was made mobile in order to efficiently use the space while allowing room for growth. If you have a large workplace that needs mobile storage solutions, please contact us today.

FDA Record Storage

FDA Record Storage in Beltsville, Maryland also used mobile storage solutions. Office Images provided over 529,000 filing inches on one floor for record storage. This mobile storage was a little different than the Maryland Forensics because it had wood paneling on the aisles rather than just metal. So there are options to choose from and make your office unique.

Goucher College

Goucher College is an incredible example of where beautiful design meets ample storage space. Goucher College Library has four floors of study areas and archive storage. We are sure the faculty and students appreciate the organization and amount of storage space it takes to hold the materials needed for ongoing education.

If your workspace is in need of storage solutions, look no further. Check out our three examples above and we know you will be pleased with the design of storage solutions we have provided past customers. Your storage problems are our storage solutions. Call us today to schedule a meeting and get started on solving all of your storage needs.