Tips for Better Relationships at Work

Follow these 5 tips for better work relationships! For more info on how the right furniture can help with your office productivity, give us a call today..Work Relationships

It can be tricky trying to balance relationships at work. You want to have a good working relationship, but there needs to be boundaries. Open spaces are nice, but there needs to be some amount of privacy. At Office Images we like to provide plenty of open spaces with large meeting areas, and we also understand the need for private working areas for optimal focus and work productivity. Here are some tips for better relationships at work.

Be Welcoming

Everybody has a first day at work. Don’t try to play “Good Ole Boys” and cast new employees out. It’s important for new employees to feel welcomed from the get go and it is your responsibility as a current employee to go out of your way and let the newbies know they can come to you with any questions, it goes a long way.

Follow Up

Follow up with coworkers after you have sent your work to them. It shows that you care how your work is perceived by others and it keeps them accountable for their part of the project as well.

Respect Others’ Time

It’s essential to communicate with your colleagues, but you should not take up too much of their time, especially not with gossip. Keep conversations short, to the point, and friendly.


If you enjoy talking with a colleague, schedule some time outside of work or on your breaks to talk some more. By all means, this is great, but you don’t want to waste too much time during working hours chatting.


Setting boundaries is important at work. If you need privacy for long stretches in order to get more work done, let people know. It’s okay to set boundaries and make it clear when it’s appropriate to speak with you during work days. After all, you are all here to get a job done.

For the perfect office set-up full of open spaces for communication and private spaces for work, contact us here at Office Images.