How corporate furniture design solutions can improve workflow

Is your office in need of design solutions to improve workflow? Office Images provides corporate furniture design solutions for corporations of all sizes!Corporate Furniture Design

Deciding on corporate furniture design can be overwhelming. There are a lot of decisions to be made between overall layout, private offices, open workspaces, conference rooms, waiting areas, reception areas, and all the little details in between. At Office Images we have over 15 years of corporate design solutions. We know all the decisions that need to be made and the best design solutions for your corporation.

Corporation designs need to be inviting and friendly for a great working atmosphere. When corporations implement innovative designs it improves morale, work flow, and teamwork.


Take ASHA (American Speech Language Hearing Association) for example. ASHA used our services to create a working environment for 350 people with modern private offices, large conference rooms, an open lobby, and team-centered seminar rooms. You can view our project here. The open cubicles are perfect for a flowing work team while allowing enough privacy to focus on work. The conference rooms are large, clean, and modernly designed for optimal work efforts. To get a design similar to ASHA, please feel free to contact us for further information.

American College of Cardiology

Another example is the American College of Cardiology. The 75 workstations, 20 private offices, 4 conference rooms, and file and storage rooms inspire creativity and organization with their innovative and colorful designs. Updated chairs make for a comfortable working environment and really impact the day to day ease for employees.

There are many options for corporate design solutions, but let us handle all the work for you. From choosing the best furniture and designs for your corporation to installation, we handle it all. No need to stress and fret over every little decision. Your corporation is in good hands with Office Images. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience for your corporate furniture design solutions; we are quick to respond!