How Important Is a Warranty for Office Furniture?

Don’t be fooled by false warranty promises. Learn the ins and outs of full vs. limited warranties. Learn more about Office Furniture Warranty.Designing or decorating an office space can be a major investment. A comprehensive warranty protects your investment, ultimately saving you money and sparing you stress. Not all warranties are created equal, however, and decoding them can be a chore. Learn about common warranty options, and know what questions to ask when deciding on a warranty to protect your investment.

Off-the-Shelf or Commercial Furniture?

The first thing to consider when looking at warranty value is whether you’re buying from an off-the-shelf stock retailer or a commercial furniture dealership that provides custom solutions. Many stock retailers don’t offer full warranties on products; some don’t offer them at all.

Wherever you choose to purchase, ask specific questions about warranty options. Contact Office Images to learn more about our warranty options.

Full vs. Limited Warranties

So what’s the difference between a full warranty and a limited warranty? Under the terms of a full warranty, a company must completely address any problem that arises during the warranty term. Warranty terms are defined by the company for the specific product; a full warranty may cover a month or two after purchase, or it may cover the product for its entire life.

A limited warranty covers much less, typically only providing repair of particular components or under certain conditions. If your product comes with a limited warranty, understand what the warranty covers – otherwise you may be in for a nasty (and expensive) surprise. Unfortunately, limited warranties are far more common than full warranties.

What to Ask

When considering warranty options, be prepared. Here’s a list of questions to ask any office designer or furniture dealer about warranty options:

  • How long does the warranty last? (Remember to consider the life expectancy of the product.)
  • Who do I contact for warranty support?
  • How easy is the process to address items covered by warranty?
  • What are the limitations or conditions of the warranty?

Take notes so you can compare options from different providers. At the end of the day, a full warranty will give you peace of mind and protection against losing your investment. To find out about Office Images’ commitment to helping you protect your investment, contact us today.