What to Look For When Reviewing a Project Proposal

Don’t get stumped by project proposals. Ask the right questions, and find the right fit for your office redesign. Contact Office Images today!Deciding how to choose the best company to update your office space can be intimidating. You’ve started the process by talking to two or three enterprise. Each one sent you a proposal. Now what? Read on to learn how to ask the right questions and find the best fit for your office. Still looking for proposals? Contact Office Images to learn more about your options.

Compare, Compare, Compare

Once you’ve obtained proposals, carefully examine differences in services offered and costs for those services. Then think about your priorities. For example:

  • What are the most important factors for your particular situation?
  • What level of service are you looking for—a comprehensive office redesign or a small update?
  • Are you willing to pay more for a better experience?
  • What similar office spaces has the company worked on?

Weighing these differences will help you eliminate one or more of the options.

Reliability Matters

A business can promise a lot at a good price, but that doesn’t mean anything if it doesn’t follow through on its guarantees. It’s important to consider the reliability of each service to ensure a productive interaction. Some methods for assessing a company’s reliability include:

  • Looking at each enterprise’s reputation. You can do this in several ways, such as looking at the Better Business Bureau for customer complaints.
  • Ascertaining what kind of warranties the business provides for its products.
  • Considering the business’ customer service when you interacted with it to obtain the proposal.

Looking at these factors will help you determine which business is the most reliable.

Personal Interaction

A final consideration is each company’s level of involvement with you and your employees. How much interaction would you like? Depending on your specific situation, you may be seeking a more (or less) hands-on approach to the office redesign process. Look at what each of the proposals offers, and think about what would be the best fit for your office. For example, do all the businesses offer product education for your team? Services like this may be important factors in your decision.

For expert help in your office redesign process, contact Office Images.